Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tail Spun Mohair

Welcome to my new blog followers!  Thank you for joining me here and at Facebook!  As it stands right now those who have entered the give-away have a 1 in 10 chance of winning.  Not bad odds at all.  There is still time if you haven't entered and would like to do so, the contest ends on the 27th.

I go through phases where I enjoy one aspect of working with fiber more than I do others, sometimes I just want to wash fleeces, sometimes I want to only card, at times it is dyeing, sometimes I just want to learn how to spin (don't ask how that is coming).  Lately I have been more interested in working one type of yarn and knitting.  Thank goodness it comes when I have some custom orders to fill.

My new yarn passion is tail spun Mohair.  It is just delightful.  I spent my Christmas money on a few skeins of beautiful tail spun from a fiber friend Cintia.  She amazes me, does all her spinning on a spindle. The photo below is of the goodies that came in the mail last week.    

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