Monday, October 10, 2011


Bella Black Angora Doe and her daughter Aurora

I met Bella at a Fiber Festival. She was kicked back, relaxing between two vending booths, watching the world go by, leisurely chewing her cud, totally unconcerned with the ah's and oh's of passers by. I watched as most folks would just smile and comment about what a pretty animal. I also observed a young boy about 5 squat down and get nose to nose with her putting a hand out to pat her head. The only reaction from Bella was a brief refrain in chewing her cud. Being as inquisitive as the child, I had to sit down beside and pet her. Scratch her head between her horns, under her chin, run my fingers through her fleece and pat her. This lovely lady didn't move.

Owning goats, I was impressed by her calmness, her indifference and her beautiful fleece. Not one of our goats would tolerate a child getting so up close and personal or for that matter allowing many strangers to lay hands on them. The better half watched and shook his head, knowing what was running through my mind. He wanted to go watch the shearing demonstration so he waved me on.

When we were preparing to leave the festival, I mentioned I wanted to visit the booth where the beautiful goat had been one more time on our way out. He agreed reluctantly.

I stopped and petted Bella one last time, made mention I would love to have such a beautiful well behaved goat. Bella's owner was at the booth and smiled at me when I said that. She stated Bella would never leave her, Bella was her baby, as well as the farms public relations goat, traveled to all fiber shows and events she attended. She told me of Bella's awards in fleece and showing. We chattered on about goats, fleece, crafts, etc. We exchanged cards and discovered we only were about an hours drive from each other. I petted Bella one last time and we left.

Months later the better half and I were discussing adding new lines to our Angora herd. I found the card Bella's owner had given me and gave her a call. I explained what we were looking for. She said she might have what we were wanting so we scheduled an appointment to visit the farm. We toured the fiber farm, met the goats, looked at the stock she had for sale and I was able to see Bella once again.

Yes, she did in fact have what we were looking for, 2 bottle babies. These were babies that mothers had refused, died or could not produce enough milk to support. I love bottle babies and not working off the farm allows me to raise these babies.

Bella's previous owner and I became friends. We chatted on the phone occasionally and kept in touch. Over the years when she had bottle babies she called to see if I was interested in taking them. Never refused one yet :-)

About 3 years ago I received a call from her saying that due to family obligations and emergencies she was having to sell out and move out of state ... would I please take and care for Bella?

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