Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to Bless Ewe Fiber & Yarn Blog

Through raising fiber animals came my appreciation of fiber and the inspiration to create Bless Ewe Fiber and Yarn. I am a shepherdess, a fiber animal fanatic, a fiber and yarn-a-holic. My main passion is the fiber animals themselves and I love working hands on with fiber on the hoof. I process all of our fiber by hand during my free time, mainly during the winter months when life on the farm is less hectic and at a slower pace.

We live on a small, semi self-sustainable farm located in the Missouri Ozarks. We attempt to grow the majority of our own food, which includes our own meats, vegetables from our gardens, dairy products from our dairy goats and eggs from our chickens. The fiber we grow from our small eclectic flock of sheep and goats is used for our family's hobbies and crafts. What we don't use we sell locally at fiber and craft events. Though we are a small farm, we have big plans and hope to offer Bless Ewe Fiber and Yarn on line in the near future.

I hope you will come join me to share the fiber fun and blessings of the farm.

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