Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cross Breeds Wool

The majority of our fiber is considered to be from long wool breeds. This year we are planning to cross a select few of our girls to different breeds of rams in hopes of producing a shorter, finer and more lusterous fiber. We are hoping that the cross will bring out the best qualities of each breed in the offspring.

Cheviot wool - The Cheviot has a medium fine fleece (50-56's spin count) and a generous staple length (4 to 5 inches). For the hand spinner, Cheviot wool is durable, easy to spin and they say impossible to felt.

Dorset – Considered to be a medium wool with a short staple of 2-3 inches

Southdown Babydoll Wool- The wool of Babydoll Southdown sheep has a short 2-3 staple with a 19-29 micron count. The wool is fine and dense with a medium crimp. The grade is 55-60. The wool is great for blending.

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