Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

Here we are a week before Christmas. I know I have totally neglected the blog. I had such high hopes of updating and posting on a regular schedule. A little explanation...since there is no true down time on the farm, computer time which includes not only blogging, reading blogs on my blog list, checking and responding to email, having my daily Face Book fix, researching, reading, etc... is all crammed into a brief time during the wee hours of the morning with my morning cup of caffeine. I have to admit I am not my best or brightest at this time so the blog suffers.

I have been busy. Surprisingly with customer order hats and scarves along with my personal knitting (family gifts and my own projects). I have 2 more quick knit Christmas gifts to finish, ha, a week to finish, maybe pushing it, though I have faith I can finish them.

We are spending Christmas at home on the farm this year. Just us, our son and my parents. This year I plan to take a break from my normal routine the week between Christmas and New Years. Doing only the “have to do” farm chores which include caring for and feeding the animals and milking. I plan to spend what free time I can find resting, enjoying family and the sheepies preparing for the New Year. 

Lots of new changes coming in 2012!  New sheep, new fiber, new yarn, new barn, new shearer... so stay tuned :-) 

Wishing each and everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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